Bore Path is expanding rapidly and looking for qualified candidates with experience in the directional surveying industry. Experience with North Seeking Gyro technology, MWD, or directional drilling within the oil and gas, mining, or trenchless drilling industries preferred. Seeking candidates for multiple positions throughout the globe to become part of the Bore Path team. Submit resume or cv to .

Shreveport, LA USA – All Divisions (North America)
Houston, TX USA – Oil & Gas Division (North America)
Santiago, Chile – Mining Division (South America)
Dubai, UAE – Oil & Gas Division (MENA Region)
Dubai, UAE – Trenchless HDD Division (MENA Region)
Russia – Oil & Gas Division (Russia)
Vancouver, BC Canada – Mining Division
Calgary, AB Canada – Oil & Gas Division
India – Trenchless HDD Division
Brazil – Oil & Gas Division (South America)
Johannesburg, South Africa – Mining Division
Singapore, China – Oil & Gas Division

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