1. Magnetic Rocks And Minerals That Affect Magnetometers

    When performing a borehole survey for an oil and gas, mining, underground utilities, or construction project, it’s important to gather information about the magnetic field and gravitational force of the rock formation being drilled. In order to gather accurate results, though, it’s important to use the right equipment. An accelerometer will work to gather information about the gravitational pu…Read More

  2. Borehole Surveying, Part 2: Tools And Equipment

    If you read our last blog, you know that obtaining information about the deviations in the boreholes, as well as the different characteristics of the rock formations needs to be accurate and obtained as quickly as possible. Because the tools and equipment used to gather this information must be lowered into the borehole, it’s important that the borehole survey tools used are also reliable and st…Read More

  3. Borehole Surveying, Part 1: Deviations

    Borehole surveying might seem like a niche industry, and it is very specialized, but it benefits many other industries in ways you might not realize. Borehole surveying assesses the surface on which buildings are constructed, where quarries are blasted, and where further oil and gas drilling is done. Borehole surveying is also referred to as drillhole surveying or directional surveying. A borehole…Read More