Gyro tool systems from Bore Path Services offer a variety of functions and applications, some of which specifically benefit HDD, trenchless drilling, and directional crossings. While traditional methods of gathering information are possible, the ability to gather data using a solid state north-seeking gyro allows you to make decisions based off of readings in real time to keep your team safe and your project on track.

Real-Time Survey Method

The real-time method, also referred to as Surface Read-Out (SRO) or Surface Recording Gyro (SRG), allows you to collect and interpret data within seconds of the gyro tool system starting to gather information.

This is vital during HDD, trenchless drilling, and directional crossings because a lag in the reception of data could mean more time spent on a project, potential for mistakes, and loss of money.

Multi-Shot & Single-Shot Capabilities

When collecting data during a survey, it’s possible to use the gyro tool system as a multi-shot, gathering information from every direction, or as a single-shot, by aligning the gyro tool system with the toolface of a whipstock or directional motor.

This allows you to gather as much information as you need and multiple ways to gather it.

Drop Method Gyro Surveys

In order to continue drilling during a survey, it’s possible to perform what is called a drop method survey. Instead of hoisting the gyro tool system on a wireline or slickline, it’s possible to place the system into a fluid-filled drill string.

This gets rid of the need for a wireline or slickline unit to hoist the gyro tool system, and therefore allows the drilling rig to continue operation while the gyro tool gathers data.

Error Model

The error model is another great feature with the gyro tool system that Bore Path Services offers. With the rental or purchase of the Gyro Path® NSG, you’ll receive a tool-specific error model file (called an .IPM file) that you can add to your drilling and wellbore planning software.

With the specifications of how the gyro tool performs, you’ll be able to more accurately plan your drilling and wellbores.

Gyro Steering Services

A service that Bore Path offers to the HDD and Trenchless Drilling industry specifically is our Gyro Steering Service. If you are uncomfortable or aren’t skilled enough to operate the Gyro Path® NSG on your own, we can operate it for you.

We run the gyro tool system to provide directional data in our real-time mode using a wireline telemetry system. This allows us to provide directional guidance while drilling a directional grossing or other trenchless drilling borehole. We use this system specifically in environments that prevents the use of traditional locating or magnetic steering systems.

Learn more about the Gyro Path® NSG and how the gyro tool system aids in real-time gyro-steering by checking out the technical specifications of this solid-state device.

When it comes to gathering accurate information in real time for HDD and trenchless drilling, trust the best gyro tool system in the industry. Learn more about renting or purchasing the Gyro Path® NSG, and contact us to schedule gyro steering through Bore Path Services.