It’s important to use reliable directional survey technologies to get you the accurate information you need. Bore Path offers the most advanced directional survey technology on the market to make your job that much easier. We happily offer the latest in directional surveying tools and equipment to our mining industry clients for purchase or on monthly and daily rental rates depending upon location and preference.

Gyro Path® NSG

The most robust precision North Seeking Gyroscopic technology available in a borehole survey system.

  • Both horizontal and vertical applications
  • Memory/Real-time survey applications
  • Precision accuracy in under 1 minute
  • Survey inside the drill rods
  • Gyro Orientations of wedges and other downhole tools.
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Gyro Shot®

6 Axis solid-state rate gyro system. With the precision and complexity that comes with a 6-axis gyro system, the Gyro Shot® remarkably maintains its reputation as the most rugged rate gyro survey system available.

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Digital Magnetic Multishot. Proven to be reliable and rugged after over 15 years of use in the most extreme of environments.

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