Oil and gas surveying is important to the industry because having an accurate mapping of the land before a project starts is crucial. To survey and map the ground as accurately as possible, using the most reliable tools and software is vital. Bore Path Services offers the best in oil and gas surveying tools; from the Gyro Path® NSG to the MI-5, you’ll be using the most durable equipment that delivers the fastest and most accurate results.

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Efficient Operators And Equipment

Oil and gas surveying gathers a lot of important information to help a project continue efficiently. The maps and tools help land departments plan and develop oil and gas projects better, can be used to organize data, and help safely and effectively build infrastructure.

It’s important to have a highly-skilled and professionally-experienced team for oil and gas surveying projects. The success of a project depends on an understanding of different geospatial landscapes. This comes from the knowledge of the surveying team, but it’s also important to have reliable and resilient equipment to obtain this data. Bore Path Services offers some of the best directional surveying tools to help you get the job done right.

The Gyro Path® NSG In Oil And Gas

The Gyro Path® North Seeking Gyroscopic system is the latest in solid-state nanotechnology. It provides impressively accurate results in the most extreme drilling conditions. Its rugged design and consistent performance makes it one of the world’s most robust survey instruments.

It offers precise results in under one minute, is unaffected by magnetic interference, has real-time and memory capabilities, includes high-temperature options, and is equipped with user-friendly software. It can be used for drop-method gyro surveys, memory surveys, real-time surveys, gyro steering and orientations, as well as vertical or horizontal surveys. For the full specifications of the Gyro Path® NSG, check out the product brochure.

The MI-5 Digital Magnetic Multishot

Another tool from Bore Path Services that is imperative to oil and gas surveying is the MI-5 Digital Magnetic Multishot. It’s simple to operate without the need for special training, so drill crews can easily operate the units. They can run in any direction — whether you pump them, run them on an overshot, or add your own customized sub.

The results are also instant because the tool is entirely digital. There are no data entry errors and information can be uploaded to spreadsheets using user-friendly data visualization software. The MI-5 runs magnetic diagnostics rather than photographic or mechanical. It gives information about the strength and direction of the local magnetic field, helping you determine whether or not the azimuth is trustworthy.

The system is also ruggedized. The MI-5 is operated using a Palm® PDA that’s waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about operating fragile computer systems at dig sites. For more information about the MI-5, check out the digital brochure about the surveying tool.

Bore Path Services For Oil And Gas Surveying

When it comes to oil and gas surveying, it’s important to map the consistency and structure of the soil so that infrastructure can be built to safely and effectively help crews complete projects. To perform these surveys, it’s important that your crew is large enough and well-trained, but you should also be using equipment that’s reliable and accurate. Whether the project is small or large, using surveying tools from Bore Path Services will give you instant and accurate results that you can rely on for your projects. Get a quote or reserve a rental today.