Gyro Path® NSG

Choose between rental and purchase options for the Gyro Path® NSG.


Monthly rentals allow you to lease directional survey equipment with monthly invoicing. Industryspecific software and licensing is included. Depending upon your location and availability, we may also be able to offer daily rental rates. Rentals are a good option for clients that have infrequent or seasonal need for our surveying tools and equipment. Our rental pricing is extremely competitive and our technology is among the best available. Reserve a Gyro Path® NSG rental in advance of your upcoming project now by clicking here.

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Hardware and software for the Gyro Path® NSG are sold separately, should you choose to purchase. The hardware package, including probes and accessories, is offered at an average of 50 percent of the leading competitor’s price. Our industry-specific software versions include features and functionality unique to your industry. Choose the option that best suits your needs. We understand that applications and directional survey methods can vary. Reach out to us if you need any help on selecting the right version for your specific needs.

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Industry Specific Software Versions:

  • HDD-Utility industry

    • “Horizontal Basic”
    • “Horizontal 2.0”
    • “Horizontal 3.0”
    • “Horizontal 4.0”
    • “Master License”

Permanent or Temporary Licenses?

We offer each of these software versions with the option of permanent licenses (non-expiring) or temporary licenses (expiring).

Permanent licenses are offered at a price that brings our total price point nearer to the average competing product’s cost. The final price will depend upon the version you select, which will offer you as many or few of the features you need for your specific applications. No matter which version you choose for your directional survey software, they all result in the fastest precision measurements available.

Temporary licenses are offered as 30-day, 90-day, or annual licenses. This pricing allows customers with lower utilization rates to have equipment readily available on the shelf as an asset. If this is in line with your business needs, you will only need to invest further in the product when it is needed for a specific project. This option is also ideal for those with a limited budget. Increase revenues now by more easily expanding upon your services and capabilities with this payasyougrow type program.

Permanent AND Temporary?

Save money by selecting which capabilities you need through various directional survey software versions. For example, you may need a tool with full features and capabilities due to an infrequent, specific project type or application. Meanwhile, the majority of your work may only require a minimal or more standard capability tool. With our competitor’s products, you may be forced to purchase multiple tools with full capability — even when they aren’t always necessary. However, with our program, you can purchase the surveying tools and equipment you need with a less expensive software license that meets your normal, day-to-day requirements. You can then add a temporary, more capable license as needed for occasional projects that demand more.

Some of our clients choose to have multiple units with various directional survey software versions as well. Most of these units will have a more affordable license that meets their standard day-to-day needs, while one will maintain the fully featured license for those more demanding projects. In the end, all these options equate to lower costs and easy access to our directional survey software features and capabilities as needed.

Gyro Shot®

Our Gyro Shot® system is offered for purchase or monthly rental. Unlike the Gyro Path® system, each Gyro Shot® is sold as a package that includes the necessary directional survey software. There is only one version of the software, and there are no temporary licensing options for this product. Gyro Shot® is our first gyro products, and has been around for over a decade now. As such, this technology has been surpassed in many ways by our Gyro Path®. However, many of our clients from within the mining industry still use and prefer this surveying tool today. The Gyro Shot® is priced competitively to directional surveying systems of similar technology and capability. We offer this directional survey product exclusively to the mining industry.

MI-5 Digital Magnetic Multi-Shot

This system is offered in the same way as the Gyro Shot®, as it is available for rent or purchase and includes the directional survey software. The MI Series of tools has been around for over 20 years and has maintained competitive pricing throughout that time. We offer this directional survey product to both the mining industry and the oil and gas industry.