If you’re a contractor that installs underground utilities, it’s important to use the best technology possible so you can locate and expose pre-existing utilities, determine the depth that utilities need to be installed at, and examine the condition of soil and pavement for sturdiness.

All of this contributes to the safety and efficiency of your installation, so you can’t afford to leave anything to chance. Use a north seeking gyro like the Gyro Path® NSG offered by Bore Path Services and manufactured by Icefield Tools. Learn more about this durable, high-performance tool and how it aids in HDD, trenchless drilling, and directional crossing.

Special Features

The Gyro Shot® NSG is solid-state technology, meaning that electricity moves through solid semiconductor crystals — like silicon, gallium arsenide, or germanium — rather than through vacuum tubes. This provides better performance and makes the system more reliable.

This gyro tool offers accurate results from the borehole in under one minute, so you aren’t left waiting for the technology to analyze data about the utilities and soil underground. This tool is also unaffected by magnetic interference, which can be helpful when drilling through rock formations that have high levels of magnetism. These magnetic properties can affect the results of other devices and potentially cause underground utility strikes, but the Gyro Shot® NSG remains accurate.

This north seeking gyro is built to be sturdy and rugged, so it can withstand the harshest and most extreme drilling environments. It is also small and can be used for medium- and small-sized rigs. It also doesn’t require a surface coil.

The software is simple to navigate, understand, and is overall user-friendly. The system can be easily operated by in-house or contracted guidance personnel.


Bore Path Service’s north seeking gyro is flexible and can be used in a variety of environments and in a variety of directions. The Gyro Shot® NSG has gyro steering and orientations, so it can move and navigate through underground utility boreholes easily.

The device can be used in a variety of crossings and still offer accurate and reliable results for underground utilities. Crossings that the Gyro Shot® NSG works well in includes:

  • River crossings
  • Highway crossings
  • Swamp and wetlands crossings
  • Shore approaches
  • Railroad crossings
  • Urban area crossing

This gyro tool works well for a variety of surveys. It can be used in verification surveys to help with the location of other utilities and verify the properties of the soil. It can also be used in memory surveys, and data can be saved and downloaded to other programs.

Performance Specifications

The Gyro Shot® NSG offers incredible reliability and accuracy with its results. The azimuth, gyro tool-face, inclination, and gravity-tool face all have an accurate readings within 0.1 degrees margin of error. The device also has an incredible battery life, with more than 30 hours of use between charges. Measurements can take up to a minute, but you can receive results in as little as five seconds.


If you’re looking for a gyro tool for underground utilities that performs well in a variety of conditions and delivers accurate results quickly, we recommend the Gyro Shot® NSG. Learn more about the technical specifications and software and rent or purchase your equipment today from Bore Path Services.