In the mining and geotechnical industry, it’s important to collect the most accurate data possible during every borehole survey. Whether performing a multi-shot or single-shot survey, gathering valuable, precise data helps you save time and money on projects.

Bore Path Services offers all of the gyro tools, survey instruments, and equipment you need to get all of the information you need. From the multi-shot surveying of the Gyro Shot® NSG and surface reference capabilities of the Gyro Shot® to the digital magnetic multi-shot settings of the MI-5, the data and reports you gather can help you improve the quality of your services and projects.

The Gyro Path® NSG

When it comes to performing borehole surveys, nothing has more functionality or applications that the Gyro Path® NSG. This north-seeking gyro tool is triaxial and can gather data in any direction. It can be used in horizontal surveys, vertical surveys, and every angle in between.

Collect data and download it from a memory chip to view later using memory mode or view reports and plots right away in real-time mode.

Surveys can be performed by hoisting the gyro tool system on a wireline or slickline, or can be performed using the drop method where the gyro tool is placed in a fluid-filled drill string that lands above the drill bit downhole.

The Gyro Path® NSG can also be used to perform directional orientations in single-shot surveys for whipstocks, directional motors, wedges, and other downhole tools.

Check out the technical brochure for more information about the Gyro Path® NSG.

The Gyro Shot®

When gathering surface readings during your borehole survey, the Gyro Shot® is your go-to for rugged design and accurate readings.

Similar to a multi-shot, north-seeking gyro tool, the Gyro Shot® is a piece of triaxial equipment that can gather information from any direction and can be dropped into the wellbore to gather data when it reaches set intervals.

With its sturdy design, the Gyro Shot® can also be used in the harshest environments that the Gyro Path® NSG can withstand. From steep inclines to extreme temperatures, the Gyro Shot® is your most reliable gyro tool for surveys in the mining and geotechnical industry.

Read for technical specification about the Gyro Shot®.

The MI-5

When it comes to gathering magnetic diagnostics, it’s vital to collect accurate data that could affect your drilling and overall project. When you can’t use gyro tool systems, trust the MI-5 to give you the most precise results.

The MI-5 has been the most reliable and accurate inclinometer and magnetometer for over ten years. Its digital capabilities allow it to be used in more areas without interference, and doesn’t lose data even if you lose battery power.

The MI-5 is also the only multi-shot survey tool that is capable of through-the-bit surveying in the AQ® drill rod. This allows it to be used in narrow blasting or geotech holes.

Make sure you have all the equipment you need to gather each and every bit of data for your mining or geotechnical project. Learn more about the technical specifications of the MI-5.

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