Bore Path Services offers the latest in gyro tool technology to aid the oil and gas industry, mining and geotechnical industry, as well as HDD and trenchless drilling. Our Gyro Path® NSG offers:

  • Precise, accurate results in under one minute
  • The ability to survey from within drill rods
  • Both horizontal and vertical survey applications
  • Memory and real-time survey modes
  • Orientation surveys of wedges, whipstocks, directional motors, and other downhole tools

Read about the technical specifications, reserve your gyro tool, or contact us for borehole survey services.

Higher Accuracy & Faster Measurements

Don’t waste time and money waiting for results from your gyro tool system. When you use the Gyro Path® NSG from Bore Path Services or hire us to perform a survey, you’ll receive results faster than other tools that are more accurate.

The rugged design of our gyro tool system allows you to perform surveys in the harshest of environments, at the steepest inclines, and at the hottest temperatures. Don’t risk survey failures or miss-runs by choosing a different gyro tool — trust the best with the Gyro Path® NSG.

With our gyro tool system, you’ll receive data results in under a minute, which can be viewed immediately using real-time mode or downloaded from a memory chip using memory mode. View your data in both a report or plot format.

Tool-Specific Error Model

When you use the gyro tool system and software from Bore Path Services, you’ll receive tool-specific error models in an .IPM file that can be imported to your drilling and wellbore planning software.

These error models were designed to the standards set by the Industry Steering Committee for Wellbore Survey Accuracy (ISCWSA), and can be used in wellbore anti-collision and placement efforts. Because our error models are ISCWSA-conforming, you can trust that these files with help you plan your wellbore placements more accurately.

The error model was designed and specifically based on the performance of the Gyro Path® NSG tool system, so you can accurately plan your borehole surveys using this file.

Use In Every Industry

The versatility of the Gyro Path® NSG allows it to be used in every industry that requires borehole surveying. Use it in the Oil & Gas Industry to perform memory or real-time surveys, in the Mining or Geotechnical Industry to perform surveys at a variety of angles, or in the HDD or Trenchless Drilling Industry to perform surveys without having to pause drilling.

When you use the latest in gyro tool systems and technology, you’re making an investment that saves you time and money, you’re able to rely on the rugged design of the system to perform surveys in almost every type of drilling condition, you can receive results in less time that are more accurate than data gathered on other gyro tools, you can use your wellbore and drilling software to accurately map wellbores, and you can perform surveys in a variety of modes.

With a gyro tool system available that has this many capabilities, why would you ever use anything else? Contact Bore Path Services today to learn how you can use the Gyro Path® NSG.